Betzler & Brückner – Triplet

Betzler & Brückner - Triplet

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Betzler & Brückner – Triplet
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2016

The 76-minute “Triplet” is a collaborative project by Tommy Betzler (drums) and Michael Brückner (synths) joined by Sammy David (e-guitar) on most tracks and Fryderyk Jona (Moog synth) on a few of them. The first three pieces, all clocking between 16 and 22 minutes, are in the same vein as what the three musicians presented with full enthusiasm during the day in the upper room on E-Live festival 2016.

The outcome is a mix of freestyle, contemporary and progressive (rock-oriented) electronics dressed with various vintage sounds and textures thrown in as each composition unfolds in its own pace. I can’t deny I had to adapt quite a bit to the highly improvised nature and constant change of the music which I feel quite hectic, restless and unpolished overall (especially on “The Trip” and “Trilogy”). The rather psychedelic-flavored “Doublette” proves a bit more consistent due to its sequencer-driven structure. Meanwhile Tommy Betzlers drums remain sounding as flat as on the previous tracks.

The first three minutes of the final track “(Three) To the flame of life” sound promising, but it’s again a lot of non-catchy improvisation on guitar and synths kicking in thereafter preventing things to become at least a bit attractive to my ears in any way. After finishing the full album I felt drained and quite annoyed while not having a clue which Em-fan I could possibly suggest giving “Triplet” a go.

P.S. The first 100 copies of the release come with a DVD-r containing video footage of most of the second and third set the guys played at E-Live 2016.

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