Beyond Berlin – Epiphany

Beyond Berlin - Epiphany


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Beyond Berlin –  Epiphany
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2021

For this recording, their third album Groove Unlimited, Beyond Berlin is again the duo Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker.

The 67-minute “Epiphany” follows up nicely in the footsteps of predecessor “Totem”, adding another thoughtful and well-made Berlin School album to their discography. There’s already some great sequencing found on 24-minute opener “Reconciliation”, on which solo sounds are held off for a long while in favor of a myriad of sequences, vintage soundscape, and pads. The heavy sequence on this tantalizing piece is a great asset too. A lovely dose of swung is featured on the very nicely unfolding “Artificial”, not the least due to the rapid as well as catchy solo voice found in the first half of this Schulze-ish track.

The 28-minute title track -once again featuring a love Schulzian soundscape haze in the first 10 minutes- starts out slowly, evolving and pushing forward in attentively molded sequenced steps in what appears quite a complex and intriguing piece in the end.

Fans of warm, old-school electronics and those digging multi-layered sequencing should get “Epiphany” for sure.


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