Beyond Berlin – Fine Tunes

Beyond Berlin - Fine Tunes

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Beyond Berlin – Fine Tunes
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2017

“Fine Tunes” is the first factory-pressed release of Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker (aka Beyond Berlin) based on musical sketches mapped out during a jam session in November 2016.

Both synthesists love vintage Berlin School music, a style also executed with a crisp sound on this almost 73-minute album through three lengthy melodic- infused compositions. Schulze’s classic slow-paced, evolving aural print is all over the place on the first two tracks as warm soundscapes, holdback sequencing and a lush solo voice fill the aural canvas. The best is yet to come as the unhurried mellowness of the former pieces shifts into a more ‘80s TD-ish realm on the sparkling third track “Tercera”. Here, things are executed in a far more dynamic, free style and up-tempo fashion with some energetic soloing on top.

All in all “Fine Tunes” offers lots of joy to Old School aficionados. Nice going guys!


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