Beyond Berlin – Live at Awakenings

Beyond Berlin - Live at Awakenings


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Beyond Berlin – Live at Awakenings
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 2022

In hindsight, I feel there may have been moments during the last 1,5 years I have pushed Martin and Peter a bit too hard on getting the sparkling music of their 2014 Awakenings live performance out as an official release. On the other hand, it is too damn good to let this unearthed little gem stay on the shelf and as such be sorely missed by their loyal fanbase.

Building lengthy, evocative, and profound atmospheres is one of the band’s strong points -something both musicians weren’t able to achieve solo until now- and seeing it all morph gradually into the Berlin School domain with ’80s Teutonic vibes is simply magical. Aside from that, a keen ear will notice faint echoes of Schulze’s “Mirage” in the engaging track “Weakness”. There’s actually a bit for everyone in here, making me confident every serious afficionado of the genre will want to grab this strong release for sure. The already glowing UK set has been extended by a fitting live track performed a year earlier on E-Live 2013. Make no mistake: this release makes an excellent addition to any EM collection.


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