Biff Johnson – Reading The Bones

Biff Johnson - Reading The Bones


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Biff Johnson – Reading The Bones
CD, Broad Vista Music, 1997

A quick look at red rocks on the cover of this cd would make you think this might be another release of vidnaObmana.
“Reading the Bones” is actually the debut of American musician Biff Johnson on his own Broad Vista label, who received the kind help from Steve Roach concerning the “additional recording & spatial mix”.

The outcome is ambient music that strongly connects to the remote desert soundscapes of Steve Roach or the works of Robert Rich (due to the breathing flute sounds), with even some hints of profound space music.

The recording is an invitation to step into the great expanse, which is easy when one is embraced by the beautifully rendered drifting and long form textures, to which the sounds of percussion, flutes, stones and clay are added. A mysterious and timeless sense is constantly running underneath the sophisticately moulded and dreamy compositions.

If you like the gentle, contemplative and intimate textural electronics with occasional mysterious angles as featured on Roach’s “Dreamtime Return”, “Reading the Bones” (although not sounding original) is a must-buy.


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