Bill Vermette – Galaxies IV

Bill Vermette - Galaxies IV

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Bill Vermette – Galaxies IV
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Horizon Music, 2012

“Galaxies IV” is a double album of cosmic and at times sequenced electronics by Chicago-based synthesist Bil Vermette. Bil has been playing electronic music for 30 years or so and has released four cds, a vinyl recording and a couple of cassettes previous to this one.
As a composer, Mr Vermette attempts to create sonic landscapes and soundtracks for movies that haven’t been made yet. Like a photographer, he wants to transport the listener into imaginary worlds while exploring the galactic and terrestrial.

“Galaxies IV”, on which a variety of dynamics beside lack of hurriedness is evident throughout on both discs, contains two different sets of calming but spacy electronics. Smooth melodic textures are mixed with lush pulsating sequencer patterns, and vibrant synth washes, only occasionally ending up in an uninspired track (such a “Milky Way”).

The grander, slightly more symphonic-oriented spheres are explored on the stronger second cd “Pulses”, while maintaining the slow pace of things. On this disc, “Riding the Hogback” is a nice rhythmic outing, followed by the engaging and heart-warming “Dreaming of Katha”, featuring 10 minutes of nice mellotron solo voices.
Bil’s brother Gary even kicks in with some tasty e-guitar on “Umbrellas in the reign of..”. It’s a pity that “K2” falls back to a mediocre music level, but luckily the final two songs return to the quality standard set on this cd.



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