Biome – The Shores of Temenos

Biome - The Shores of Temenos

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Biome – The Shores of Temenos
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2018

Biome is a new side project of accomplished synthesist Gregory Kyryluk (better known and successful as Alpha Wave Movement since many years) with a sound spectrum far less spacey/Berlin School but roaming further in ambient-soundscape mode. In this respect the listener might pick up traces of ’90s ambient on the 49-minute “The Shores of Temenos” featuring the sedate 20-minute longform title-piece with its light rhythms and bamboo flute samples reminiscent of ’90s electronics (the calm cosmic works of Mind over Matter come to mind here) in its core. I’ve got a soft spot for this expansive piece and the sense of wonder the various lush textures create altogether. Gregory’s subtle use of sequenced structures occasionally adds a nice edge to the enchanting yet fantastic sound trip into an alternate reality. I’m confident the sense of ease and timelessness embedded in the carefully unfolding, well-produced and mixed outcome will please the ears of quite a bunch of ambient aficionados out there.

The physical version of “The Shores of Temenos” -a professional factory cd-r with full colour on disc art, tray card and insert- contains a bonus track not available for download.

According the composer following Biome-releases might be more starkly minimal in song composition as well but that’s still in the works…



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