Biosphere – Shenzhou

Biosphere - Shenzhou

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Biosphere – Shenzhou
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

There are various degrees of minimalism applied to and found in electronic music. Biosphere’s “Shenzhou” – based on the orchestral works of Claude Debussy upon which tracks 1 to 10 are adapted- features a drastic form.

This time around and contrary to his previous two albums, Geir Jensen has transformed and condensed the Northern Scandinavian moodscapes to enigmatic, deep and gritty-oriented spheric ambient containing many samples and loops where hardly any melody can be detected. No glacial mood and feel is present as is anything trippy.

Instead, the defragmented and reconstructed molding process of dronescapes and orchestral sound bites with no beats evaporate a rather unsettling, gloomy, profound desolate and mysterious sonic perfume throughout its 56-minutes of dense and distant sound layers.

Above all, “Shenzhou” (magic vessel) contains difficult avant-garde sound architecture to imaginary and hypnotizing effect that really needs to grow on the listener through several focused listening sessions.



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