Biosphere – Substrata

Biosphere - Substrata


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Biosphere – Substrata
CD, All Saints Records, 1997

All who love to immerse and linger in Arctic-flavoured ambient music is at the right spot with “Substrata”, a classic soundscape recording by Geir Jenssen, aka Biosphere.

While listening, one can almost feel the chilling cold evaporating from its 60-minute long form atmospheric tone textures. Rich in detail and featuring expert layering of synth pads, the hypnotizing trip into the wide open but overall tranquil spaces is accompanied by detailed ambient samples (some were taken from “The X-Files” TV-series), effects and washes of white noise, together submerging the listener in an intense, vast and mesmerizing sonic environment.

The strong organic character embedded in the beat-less compositions of “Substrata” though make it abstract, earthbound and profound mysterious.
Highly recommended.



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