Blüchel & von Deylen – Mare Stellaris

Blüchel & von Deylen - Mare Stellaris

Release data:

Blüchel & von Deylen – Mare Stellaris
CD, Sony Bmg, 2004

“Mare Stellaris” is the debut album of the German musicians/producers Christopher von Deylen (better known as Schiller) and Harald Blüchel (aka Cosmic Baby).

Although the openings tracks might give the impression this is a sort of lounge-like album, a trancy/down tempo style pops up on the thrilling “M 83”, a great Chicane-kindred cosmic outing with a steady, straightforward rhythm. For me it’s the highlight of the album.
Quiet, celestial realms with psychedelic undercurrents return on the following extensive sounding pieces, creating nice and moody atmospheres.
“Einklang” is another dance-piece with floating textures and melodic Schiller elements, while the rhythmic patterns on “Kosmologie #1” and “Kontakt” kick things further ahead.

All in all, the fresh and well rendered sounding electronics on the cinematic “Mare Stellaris” have a nice vibration, capturing the spirit and overall feel of an astroshow for which it seems to be originally conceived.
Schiller-fans will love this album.



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