Bluetech – Dreaming into being

Bluetech - Dreaming into being

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Bluetech – Dreaming into being
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sounds True, 2013

“Dreaming into Being”, an exploration of expanded states of being, by Evan Bartholomew features seven tracks of pure, deep and spaced-out ambient soundscape bliss with embedded pulses and hypnotizing drones textures. For the composer the whole project proved a complete journey into in his personal dreaming practice and an attempt to capture the hypnotic and somatic waves of consciousness that can occur in our closed eye reveries.

It all ended up as a subtle transforming kaleidoscope of ethereal, emotionally resonant sonic motifs unraveling slowly before the mind’s eye in a rather minimalist manner, set in nonintrusive motion at times. The most peaceful, immersive states are encountered on the final two -totally freeform- tracks of the 60-minute recording.

“Dreaming into Being” is recommended when you’re tired of the fast lane of modern life and look for a means to recharge mentally.



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