Bluetech – Liquid Geometries

Bluetech - Liquid Geometries

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Bluetech – Liquid Geometries

While sticking to his own sonic signature, Bluetech’s “Liquid Geometries” strays into the terrain of sequencer-driven vintage modular soundscapes with bits of Berlin School thrown in on occasion. Building slowly off a single sequence and revealing more complex structures as the piece unfolded was Evan Bartholomew’s modus operandi on this release, as such trying to create fluid geometric forms literally.

The circular, interlaced patterns encountered on the 58-minute outcome create a mellow as well as hypnotizing state but also ventures into somewhat progressive, contemporary sound design now and then (“Dawn Ascent”, “Tranquility Gate”) stirring pulsating waves of energy.

“Liquid Geometries” is for you if analogue textures, shifting, fractal landscapes of melodic, sequenced lines as well as a non-pretentious approach catch your attention.


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