Bluetech – Phoenix Rising

Bluetech - Phoenix Rising

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Bluetech – Phoenix Rising
CD, Somnia, 2008

Bluetech is a project by Evan Bartholomew, whose last release under that monniker came out in 2005. Referred to as a sort of “mini album”, the exactly 51-minute “Phoenix Rising” is the precursor to an expansive album entitled “The Divine Invasion”, coming early 2009.
I’m not familiar with Bluetech’s previous music, but it seems Evan has moved away from his glitch-flavoured music.

Well, the opening track “My Dear Friend Kronos” sure is a nice one with its synth-hits (which sounds like a clock hitting the hour), heavy bass line and pronounced rhythm to which a nice distorted guitar sound is added.

Unfortunately, the other six tracks that follow, all have groovy bass, dub and bouncy beats, offering only very sparse melody, overall sounding superficial and not very tasty.
The added quirky sounds, voices, fx’s and samples don’t help either, although the almost 9-minute title track sounds nicer and more inviting.

All in all, I absolutely prefer the “Evan Marc sound” far above this empty sounding dub-style kind of stuff.
Mastering and production are, as expected, outstanding.


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