Blutiger Fluss – Dawn of Mars

Blutiger Fluss - Dawn of Mars

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Blutiger Fluss – Dawn of Mars
CD-R, Sonneneruption Music, 2008

Blutiger Fluss is the Iowa-based synthesizer duo Jeff Hutchison and Jim Duede, whose music is heavenly rooted in the early space music made at the start of the ‘70’s by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

Some influences of Mr Schulze are evident in the four long tracks, which have German titles, all containing strange, deep atmospheres which lack distinct melodies and only occasionally features some sequencer patterns.
The music itself isn’t heading in a distinct direction though, sometimes slightly riding along the abstract/experimental edge.

This, in my opinion, makes this otherworldy music only suitable for experienced and adventurous ears.



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