Blutiger Fluss – Rings Of Saturn

Blutiger Fluss - Rings Of Saturn

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Blutiger Fluss – Rings Of Saturn
CD-R, Sleep on the Floor Records, 2011

“Rings of Saturn” is the fourth release by the Des Moines, Iowa-based duo Jeff Hutchison and Jim Duede, and their third concept album surrounding a planet.

The music on the four lengthy tracks embarks on an instrumental ambient/space journey in which the cosmic atmosphere remains the key element. The expansive, slightly minimal soundscapes soft soar along, with only occasionally a melodic line intervening with the morphing pads.

The heritage of classic ‘70’s electronic music though still shimmers through the veins of the duos music, while at the same time implementing bits and pieces of abstract/experimentalism.

In my opinion, the best spaced-out dimensions are acchieved on the third track “Magnetosphäre”, featuring some very nice swirling and pulsating textures with a psychedelic edge.
But still don’t forget to put on some adventurous ears to immerse in this style of space music.



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