Bob Holroyd – A Different Space

Bob Holroyd - A Different Space

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Bob Holroyd – A Different Space

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Six Degrees Records, 2000

Here’s Bob Holroyd’s third album “A Different Space” -turning out significantly more tribal-spiced- which would not have been out of place on Peter Gabriel’s Real World label. With the previous recordings “Fluidity and Structure” and “Stages”, Holroyd already managed to deliver an intriguing portion of music, to which this “A Different Space” could fit right in.

The result, on which Bob is skilfully accompanied by a number of session musicians, contains a richly varied portion of multi-cultural, strongly organic-sounding ethno-electronic music in which subdued and more rhythmically oriented tracks alternate atmospherically. In the Tribal Mix of “African Drug” with its rousing tabla playing, for instance, you would almost expect the gentlemen of Yello to pop up at any moment. The first two tracks of the album are also more rousing in character. There the nicely subdued “Journeyman” or pithy Enya-like “Dark Waters”, on the other hand, sound nicely subdued.

The also subdued piece “Something Understood” in turn -with the exception of the sampled exotic vocals- has an almost Patrick O’Hearn-like feel, which incidentally also applies to the enchanting atmospheric “Earthwatching” at the end of the album. Too bad that this beautiful atmosphere is rudely undermined shortly afterward by a significantly inferior ethnic jam session in the title track that closes the album. The production is very refined, the sound quality is undoubtedly excellent.



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