Bob Holroyd – Afterglow

Bob Holroyd - Afterglow

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Bob Holroyd – Afterglow
CD, Private Release, 2011

“Afterglow” (also the featured album on the Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound website during July 2011) is the seventh album by UK musician Bob Holroyd, musically turning away from the outcome as heard on his previous recordings.

The 45-minute instrumental release features quiet and reflective ambient miniatures with a profound organic backbone. Its compositions slowly move back and forth between minimal and contemporary classical music, together creating overall intimate spaces.

The 12 introspective ambient musings contain 0% percussion/drums, and are assembled of carefully constructed live and treated piano, synth textures, guitar loops, cello and trumpet. At times, some of the subtle processed and quite spacious music slightly remembered me of Mark Isham’s “Film Music”, while the beautiful closing piece “Stillpoint” is almost funeral-like.

All in all, the well-balanced “Afterglow” and a kind of intrinsic chamber music for the slow lane, gently evolving before the mind’s eye while time seems to fade away.


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