Bob Holroyd – Beachcombing

Bob Holroyd - Beachcombing

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Bob Holroyd – Beachcombing
CD, Private Release, 2011

“Beachcombing” (previously announced as “Glow”, which is also the first track of the album) comes in an environmental-friendly but still nicely looking digipack. This album by UK-composer Bob Holroyds contains twelve compositions which in advance has been depicted as “the perfect soundtrack to a film yet to be made”.

The well-produced music on “Beachcombing” is a further step ahead of Mr Holroyd’s sound, intruigingly merging reflective and organic soundscapes of electronic, electro-acoustic and percussion.

The instrumentals feature elements of world and tribal music, and all journeys of their own while also interconnecting with each other. Also a special note to the beautiful deep bass work found on this album.

The short “A weak winter sun” made me think of Mark Isham, while at other moments the realm of Peter Gabriel’s music shimmers through the veins of Mr Holroyd’s compositions. Space and intensity seem key elements in the music. Overlooking the whole outcome, I personally prefer the quiet sonic ambiences above the more louder, upfront tracks.

All in all, this album inhabits an introspective, honest and overall intimate feel that makes it both pleasant and quite easy to break way from the hectics of today’s world.
“Beachcombing” is available as download and factory-pressed cd.


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