Bob Holroyd – Fluidity & Structure

Bob Holroyd - Fluidity & Structure

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Bob Holroyd – Fluidity & Structure
CD, Soundscape Music, 1993

“Fluidity and Structure”, of which the sonic content has been inspired by travels to Africa and Asia, was originally the soundtrack to an audio visual art exhibition Bob Holroyd staged at “The Big Chill ” amongst other venues in 1993/4.

The twelve tracks breath a highly atmospheric ambience, ranging from the minimal percussion exercise on “African Drug” to the great freeform track “Still” with its warm, velvet synthesizer textures.

The realm of Peter Gabriel is never far away either as one absorbs the soundscapes, piano and samples of “On the Forest Floor”, the minimal ambience created by xylophone textures on the title track or the beautiful immersive content of “Cries from the Rooftop”.

This melange of sounds of traditional African and Asian music blended with the sophisticated rhythms and production techniques is both intriguing as unique and very well performed and produced.


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