Bob Holroyd – re:ambient

Bob Holroyd - re:ambient

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Bob Holroyd – re:ambient
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“Re:ambient” is part a series of occasional releases by Bob Holroyd which aims to revisit, reinvent and reinterpret some of his previous output.
Three of the nine instrumental tracks received laid-back and spacious remixes by Mr Holroyd, while the other six were handed over to Mogwai, The Album Leaf, Steve Roach, Saul Stokes, Eluvium and Venona Pers.

It resulted in a kind of rhythmic chill-out with an edge and some down-tempo hints. The Steve Roach remix of “All Colours pt 1” though turns out to be a dreamy, highly atmospheric affair in the first half, but the 12-minute track is ruined in the second half by some dreary flute sounds.
On the other hand, the Venona Pers remix of “Absence” links Holroyd’s music with neo-classical music. The most active and up-beat mode is found on the reworked, minimal version of “Crust of Dust”, while a touch of mourning shines through on the Saul Stokes remix of the track “After”.

The digital-only release “Re:ambient” is available through the usual online download platforms such as iTunes.


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