Boreal Taiga – Arctic Remixes

Boreal Taiga - Arctic Remixes


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Boreal Taiga – Arctic Remixes
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2011

For “Arctic Remixes”, Norwegian-based Boreal Taiga (aka JimDe) composed various lush ambient electronic atmospheres that are profoundly influenced by the northern hemisphere and its arctic environments.

Moreover, the album’s quite hypnotic, non-rhythmic music features beautiful slow flowing ambient soundscapes with occasional sequencers along organic undercurrents and a range of binaural field recordings. These immersive, free-form sonic paintings easily evoke visions of the vast and remote white outdoors, frozen oceanic environments and its overwhelming natural splendor.

So it came to no surprise excerpts of Boreal Taiga’s deep morphing pads have also been used successfully as the score to Richard Sidey’s stunning arctic movie “Landscapes at the World’s Ends”. The latter is a multi-dimensional canvas of imagery filmed above the arctic circle and below the antarctic convergence, on which JimDe and the New Zealand nature photographer and filmmaker share their unending passion on the beauty that exists over the endless frozen seas.

In addition, JimDe also made a special mention to the album’s closing piece “Tumran Meditation”, a gentle ambient/space piece containing a real tumran (a Jew jaw harp made of reindeer bone) samples along a slight beat. These minimal samples make this track the most “active” one on the album, but overall it remains quiet and most pleasant to immerse into.

Quite soon after the digital release of this album, a second volume was digitally released by Wayfarer Records, offering another fine hour of smoothly morphing deep-listening ambient-scapes, again dedicated and inspired by life and beauty of the coldest places on Earth. “Arctic Remixes 2” is also highly recommended to ambient fans next to this one.


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