Boreal Taiga – E10

Boreal Taiga - E10

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Boreal Taiga – E10

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2022

Boreal Taiga is the creator of beautiful, lush ambient electronic spherescapes inspired by the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic environment, an area where the reindeer roam and the Sami live. These Arctic and Subarctic lands are and have been spiritual to the composer in many aspects.

“E10”, clocking over 130 minutes, is influenced by the Norwegian and Swedish East road of the same name that traverses the northern part of these countries. Having spent some years in these areas -featuring tundra, lakes, amazing vistas, cliffs, the ocean, and ice-covered mountains with meadows in between- he got to know the landscape and different towns and cities along the route pretty well.

As such, “E10” is a travel album with track names of the various towns and cities the road traverses, evoking the air and realm of these areas and landscapes as they pass by. To enhance and deepen the sonic experience some field recordings also appear -some are quite subliminal- the composer made along this route through the years.

So what about the music? Well, the 13 tracks incorporate ambient with downtempo and experimental elements with several dreamlike, mesmerizing passages, all more to the effect of the previous “YG:drasil” album. For musician JimDe the travelogue holds some special memories, so in his own way, he celebrates those by creating sound as a memorial document.



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