Boreal Taiga – Elementa Soundtrack

Boreal Taiga - Elementa Soundtrack

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Boreal Taiga – Elementa Soundtrack
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2020

“Elementa” is New Zealand-based nature photographer and film maker Richard Sidey’s second feature collaboration with ambient composer Boreal Taiga that’s also concluding the director’s Speechless trilogy.  The compelling, non-verbal film (released in June 2020) is a black-and-white visual meditation of all that is wild – an escape and a chance to reconnect with the wilderness. The 43-minute “Elementa”, a movie exploring the serene yet stark reality of nature, touches all four elements (fire, air, water and earth) merged with the human component as it unfolds. Expect full immersion as well as true senses of exploration, uplift and reconnection as it washes over yet embraced you.

All the aforementioned qualities and vibes are also embedded firmly in Boreal Taiga’s 48-minute soundtrack music for which Mr Sidey approached him some five years ago. For the next few years the composer set out creating different sets of minimal drone and ambient tracks featuring various binaural recordings he’d had saved from past travels alongside own album projects in the works. From them the cinematographer made his personal selection followed by Boreal Taiga’s effort remixing and mastering each of the six individual tracks.

Opener “Elementa introduction” is an exclusive piece of gentle, gracious spherics airing awe and wonder.  It’s followed by nicely remixed versions of tracks from Boreal Taiga’s releases “Iceland, “Greenland” and “at gutu”. From the latter (a concept album exploring Pacific Northwest’s first native people) comes the last track in the film, “Naa”, featuring recordings made of Tlingit chants matching sophisticatedly with the movie’s final section exploring BC Canada’s native people’s fire dance. If you appreciate Boreal Taiga’s previous works, sit back and be immersed another time around with “Elementa”.


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