Boreal Taiga – Glacia Form

Boreal Taiga - Glacia Form

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Boreal Taiga – Glacia Form
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2014

Compared to his previous releases, JimDe hereby presents of his deeper ambient endeavors, taking his listeners into the icy splendor of slow moving glaciers. The concept album was set in motion when Jim came face to face with the Yentna glacier, found in Alaska’s Denali National Park, which draw him in the fascinating, if not haunting world of these massive natural phenomena. The track dedicated to the Yentna glacier is found halfway and is a special, immersive ambient gem of its own.

As a full-length album, “Glacia Form” has been in the making for the past year and a half, and is based on 12 different glaciers found throughout the world. The composer created cinematic music with each glacier in mind to allow the listener to freely float to those environments to experience the majesty, beauty and intrinsic power of this ice phenomenon. In addition, some tracks were even built around the feeling of anticipation of traveling to a glacier, the preparations, the journey itself and of explorations.
In the intense process of shaping and molding the ambient-drone soundscapes with occasional sequenced lines and groovy-esque undercurrents, the composer also used various binaural field recordings made in Norway extensively.

The 78-minute outcome of imaginary, slow morphing and overtly lush textures influenced by the northern hemisphere and arctic environments is most intriguing but also quite out of the ordinary. It’s at times rather minimalist approach works out quite hypnotizing, most certainly when one immerses in these fascinating, shape-shifting and slow-breathing sound worlds while using a good pair of headphones. I for one am especially touched by the intrinsic nature and tranquil beauty embedded in the already mentioned “Yentna Glacier” and the five tracks following after it, all found in the second half of the album.

If all goes according to plan, summer 2014 will see the release of “Moraine”, the sister album to “Glacia Form”. Soundwise this will be a different story, focusing on down-tempo, psybient and chill-out music.


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