Boreal Taiga – Greenland

Boreal Taiga - Greenland

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Boreal Taiga – Greenland
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2017

The ambient music of this release was born out of the composer’s longtime fascination for the beauty and vastness of Greenland with the intent to reflect that in enchanting ambient soundings. A second incentive happened around 2009 – 2010 when New Zealand-based nature photographer and film maker Richard Sidey commissioned Boreal Taiga to create the track “Frozen Drone” for his short film “Gronlapse” / “Greenland” (available on YouTube), stirring the appetite to write a full album.

So JimDe started doing some extensive research, contacted a few friends that had connections with people in Greenland which led to further knowledge as well as acquired recordings of native Greenlandic chanting, music and history. They fitted perfectly in the electronic music with an organic vibe creating an immersion suiting the composer’s ideas for the concept release. “Greenland” also addresses the issue of climate change researched by scientists who thoroughly documented the rapid melting of Greenland’s massive glaciers and giant ice fields affecting global human population in the near future.

Similar to previous releases, there’s a lovely cinematic, atmospheric and cyclic-ish quality along an slight organic vibe found in the 74-minute/9-track (mainly morphing and freeform) outcome which sounds even more enchanting when enjoyed with a pair of quality headphones -certainly when ethereal spaces pop up like in the wonderful “The Time In Nuuk” (a track about Greenland’s capital city and its mix of cultures) and rather hypnotizing “Tasiilaq Marina”.

As such the result transports the listener into a wide open scenery of endless views of snow covered valleys, glaciers, mountains and coast, Greenland’s past and present history and the population surviving in the region’s barren yet harsh conditions. If you fancy quality polar-ambient soundings, this well mastered and mixed recording won’t disappoint. I suggest you start your journey now…



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