Boreal Taiga – Iceland

Boreal Taiga - Iceland

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Boreal Taiga – Iceland
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Polar Magnetic Records, 2018

“Iceland” marks the first album released through Boreal Taiga’s own label Polar Magnet Recordings. It continues the composer’s journey through the splendour of white out conditions and remote, frozen landscapes while exploring each area of this exciting country simultaneously. The very nicely rendered textural ambient mixed with environments recordings featured on the six 9 and 10-minute tracks is a study in sound as well as landscapes on one hand while it also focuses on Iceland’s legends and cultures with historical contexts.

As such, “Iceland’s” atmospheric/cinematic music (with an occasional hint of dub like on “Norourland Vestra”) is a fine, slow evolving and calming aural vehicle carrying the listener away and submerge in beautiful vistas like the Northern Lights, expansive lava fields, thermal hotspots, giant glaciers, ice lakes, uncharted rough terrain and volcanoes. Needless to say headphone listening is suggested to grab the full impact and exploratory nature of this deep ambient listening experience.


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