Boreal Taiga – Polar Reflections

Boreal Taiga - Polar Reflections

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Boreal Taiga – Polar Reflections
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2016

Here’s (finally!) a very nice opportunity for all ambient fans out there get to know Norwegian’s Boreal Taiga’s sophisticated sound art whose work is dedicated or inspired by the great white outdoors, frozen oceanic environments, (Ant)arctic natural splendor and ancient populations still living in those remote places.

“Polar Reflections” (mastered by label owner & composer Dave Luxton) is a 145-minute/13-track compilation featuring a fully remastered piece from each of the last seven Boreal Taiga albums complimented by five unreleased compositions. JimDe, aka Boreal Taiga, re-created and re-recorded them all for the occasion, making them sound even better, detailed and transparent than the original releases. Some of the highly cinematic tracks may seem a little different as some elements were taken out in favor of a chiller tone.

Check out “Polar Reflections” if you’re into atmospheric, high-quality ambient and imaginary, gentle pulsating and morphing soundscapes.


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