Boreal Taiga – Return to the North

Boreal Taiga - Return to the North


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Boreal Taiga – Return to the North
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2015

Composing cinematic music giving a voice to and feel of cold, hostile but beautiful places is something Boreal Taiga has become very good at.

On “Return to the North”, JimD’s contemporary, occasionally minimalist ambient compositions are captivating, quieting, dreamy and mesmerizing. Airy, slow curling and evolving drone soundscapes, environmental sound recordings along slight hints of rhythm are at play here for almost 80 minutes, transporting the listener to the arctic realms of Spitsbergen and other territories found in northern Norway.
Free form soundscape stuff fills the first half of the recording. From there things are set in gentle motion, with rhythmic-spiced pieces such as “Finnkirka” with its ethereal choral sample or the smooth, beat-driven “Nordland Storm” and “Snow Shoe”.

Same as on Boreal Taiga’s previous albums, headphone listening is recommended to get the full scope and sense the impact of this environment-inspired music with a solid Arctic edge.


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