Boris Blank – Resonance

Boris Blank - Resonance


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Boris Blank – Resonance
CD/Lp, IAN Records, 2024

Fans of the Swiss band Yello already know one half of it, synth-wizard Boris Blank, is a most talented sonic painter of enchanting, often highly cinematic atmospheres. His latest effort is the immersive “Resonance,” comprising twelve tracks originally commissioned for the Fortyseven thermal spa near Zurich that transcends the boundaries of space and time in a fascinating, easy-going manner. Here we are talking about meditative pieces designed to offer wellness and relaxation, transporting listeners to uncharted ambient realms. On top of that came IAN Records’ Stefan Bock and Stefan Zaradić who implemented their innovative “Spatial Sound Wave” system from the renowned Fraunhofer Institute to craft an elaborate, high-quality 3D spatial soundscape.

For Mr Blank, the project posed a unique challenge as he delved into undiscovered acoustic territories. “I’ve always had a great affinity for expansive spaces, whether it’s factory floors, underground garages, or mountains – and the acoustic resonance these spaces create,” shares Blank. “Every space has its own unique vibrations, and it appeals to me to enter these spheres and make them perceptible through music. The bigger, the more interesting. My goal this time was to make the spaces as vast and expansive as possible.”

As such the 12-track outcome paints smooth evolving, expansive, and soft sparkling soundscapes that captivate and transports the listener into realms of tranquillity, wonder, and reflection. Amidst all this 1-hour lovely sonic balm I was touched especially by the 10-minute “North of Eden”, a cracking aural journey to simply disappear into.

All in all, “Resonance” is a stunning piece of high-resolution electro-ambient defying the laws of space and time I strongly urge you to experience and immerse in.





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