Boris Lelong – Everyday Flower

Boris Lelong - Everyday Flower

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Boris Lelong – Everyday Flower
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

With the music of his album “Everyday Flower”, US-composer Boris Lelong
offers a freeform ambient soundscape in five “Movements”, meant as “a sweet and sour electronic requiem dealing with loss and tenderness”.

Although the slow morphing textures sound less polished and valvenized and could benefit from a bit more space, intrinsic warmth and depth, the outcome can be classified as refined minimal electronics in the tradition of Exuviae’s first three albums along Steve Roach’s “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music”-series.
In my opinion, “Movement 2” is the strongest one, as it best evaporates that gentle, warm flavour needed to make this music softly glow. All in all, this is reflective ambient poetry that can be supportive and heartwarming in times of sorrow and pain.

“Everyday Flower” is available as free download from the artist’s website.



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