Bouvetøya – Interstellarphonic

Bouvetøya - Interstellarphonic

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Bouvetøya – Interstellarphonic

From Ireland hails another aural vehicle inspired by vintage ‘70’s electronic music. Bouvetøya is the brainchild of one Michael Jones who says he creates his art live in the studio, working with both analogue and digital equipment but applying no VST or any samples.

“Interstellarphonic” offers a 60-minute cosmic journey presented in five separate tracks featuring a fine bunch of well-tempered sequencers, occasional solo voices and lovely retro pads in which the echo of retro-TD of the early and mid ‘70’s shines through. This includes the enchanting organ and mellotron sounds from the old days.

Above all I appreciate the overall mellowness and calm found in and between the spacious, smooth sparkling notes and unstructured form and the fact that prominent soloing is left out in favour of sketching out vibrant, varied and encompassing cosmic spheres. The final track “Heart of the Magnetar” takes things to a slightly grander scale, with lush symphonic and cinematic textures.

In all, the well-executed “Interstellarphonic” is a fine slab of retro electronics that many aficionados will wholeheartedly embrace.



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