Brain Ballet – Aquarium of the Deep Sea

Brain Ballet - Aquarium of the Deep Sea

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Brain Ballet – Aquarium of the Deep Sea
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Magnanimous Records, 2004

I feel ambient music celebrating the magic and beauty of the water element is something special. In this respect chasing “Aquarium of the Deep Sea”, an obscure release by Hidemasa Kondo -aka Brain Ballet- is worth the effort. The 41-minute/8-track outcome is a calm, introspective, gentle resonating affair with an occasional “Asian edge” and a couple of acoustic soundbits.

Though sounding different from the sea-inspired works by Mako, Havdis or Living Dreamtime’s fine debut the music spreads an enchanting sonic vapour throughout despite several peculiar twists. The synth pads and choir textures used have a fluid, timeless character, shining most beautiful on “Universe” and “Gravity”. I strongly suggest you give this intriguing work of sound-art a listen if atmospheric-environmental mood ambient with pure aesthetic quality appeals to you.



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