Brain Laughter – In the Land of Power

Brain Laughter -In the Land of Power

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Brain Laughter – In the Land of Power
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1989

The focus of the Brain Laughter-project, started by label owner Howard Givens, was to create a “grand collaboration” of artists from the Spotted Peccary label with the intent on exploring musical impressions of the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest region of North America.

Setting the goal of creating an ambient atmosphere of “space” music, the musicians initially started blending flutes and guitars all with very long reverbs and delays, to which voice sounds and percussion and noises were added.
By the mid-1980’s though, the sonic emphasis shifted more into the keyboard / synthesizer arena, as electronic instruments like synths and sequencers were implemented making the outcome more structured around electronic compositions.

Brain Laughter’s debut “In the Land of Power”, described by the label as “a sonic journey through the desert starting at dusk and continuing through the night to the morning and beyond”, is a desert music album incorporating the atmospheric, symphonic and the melodic.

Of all tracks, the 9-minute “The Allies” is the most remarkable one due to its repetitive structure, lyrical flute and solo voice to which heavy bass lines are added as counterpoint.

Initially released as a proper cd, “In the Land of Power” is nowadays only available as download.



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