Brainwork – Back to the Roots II

Brainwork - Back to the Roots II

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Brianwork – Back to the Roots II
CD, Cue Records, 2019

I haven’t reviewed much of Uwe Saher’s music but am familiar with quite a bit of his accessible, melodic music since the middle of the ‘90s. This release follows up on the first volume that came out in 1993, but what’s found on no. II is even stronger, not to say rather infectious Berlin School electronics.

With three lengthy tracks and one a tad shorter, Brainwork leads us through a versatile landscape of contemporary Berlin School sounds with a peppy, sequencer-driven ride that isn’t tiring at all. I even think Uwe surpasses himself on the excellent 14-minute “Rollover” where all key Berlin School elements merge seamlessly and reinforce each other. Nice going, Uwe!




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