Brainwork – Ten

Brainwork - Ten

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Brainwork – Ten
CD, Cue Records, 2008

“Ten” is the tenth studio album by Cologne-based musician Uwe Saher, which he totally dedicated to the Berliner School. It was this style that ruled the genre when Uwe started off at the end of the ‘70s.

The cd contains four lengthy, well composed pieces, featuring a very nice range of sequences, sound textures and effects which bring the old ’70s feeling back to live. hings don’t sound difficult, hasty nor pushed.

The overall created realm is dreamy, relaxed and inviting as the music takes a great atmospheric ride along the so well known repetitive elements of the classic vintage sound of Klaus Schulze (and a bit less Tangerine Dream), “Traffic” e.g. nicely features the twittering sound effects from “Timewind”, while “Atlantica” blends retro Schulze’s and his ‘80s output (“En=trance”).
The last track bring things to an end with a melancholic mood, a reflection upon the vintage days gone by.

I’m sure lots of Em-fans will enthusiastically dig the 72 minutes of accessible music on this album.



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