Brannan Lane – Lost Caverns of Thera

Brannan Lane - Lost Caverns of Thera

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Brannan Lane – Lost Caverns of Thera
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, World Circle Records, 2000

The end of the ‘90’s and the first half of the 2000’s, marked a very productive period for US-composer Brannan Lane. “Lost Cavern of Thera” (inspired by the volcanic Greek island of Thera or Thira, but better known as Santorini) is a slow progressing dark-shaded ambient release featuring resonating textures, gong pads, the continuous dripping of water, along lots natural found sounds and echo ambiences. Here the listener travels through a subterranean environment of quite fearsome, haunting, deep tonal and gothic spaces without any melody. It’s not a pitch black affair though as the mysterious semblances and depths throughout the 66-minute continuous soundscape contain enough “air” and glistening to hold back the feel of unease. The last track “Into the light” brings the release back to the surface. It makes “Lost Cavern of Thera” easily one of Brannan’s best I reckon.



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