Brendan Pollard – Cycles and Pulses

Brendan Pollard - Cycles and Pulses


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Brendan Pollard – Cycles and Pulses
CD/Digital Download, Acoustic Wave Records, 2022

Since the Covid lockdown kicked in in Spring 2020, UK synthesist Brendan Pollard intensified his musical activities in his home garage, changing and re-arranging his set-up while treating the world on YouTube with improvised sessions.

The 5-track outcome on this album was realized between January and March 2022 and sees Brendan take on another successful journey through the heart and soul of modular vintage electronics. This time Mr. Pollard’s world of aural exploration dwells into more ominous, darker spheres without ending up any way abstract or experimental as many emotive currents are present in the 65-minute sonic twilight reverie. The latter is still inspired by Berlin School music but sequencers are far less taking the stage. In this respect think of some of the malevolent, psychedelic and rather stark realms encountered on TD’s “Phaedra” and “Stratosphere” that e.g. makeup “Re-Pulse”.

Well exercised, Brendan!


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