Brendan Pollard – Expansion

Brendan Pollard - Expansion


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Brendan Pollard – Expansion
CD, Private Release, 2005

“Expansion” is the debut cd of Brendan Pollard, one half of the vintage band Rogue Element, which released the much acclaimed album “Premonition” last year.

In their music they use the original Tangerine Dream sound effects frame dating from 1975, which now also has been applied in a further improved manner.
I even dare say things have become even better as the impressive music on “Expansion” proves Brendan is a “one-man Rogue Element”. The new album is massively loaded with classic TD-sounds from the mid-seventies, ranging from pulsating sequencer tapestries, mesmerizing effects to haunting vintage textures. According to Brendan,  it features the most “accurate” sonic tributes to Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream from their mid-70s period ever.

For example, there’s this chilling bunch of male choir mellotron featured on the second track “Toxic Blue”, which is the absolute highlight of the album. While listening to this grand music you sense Brendan is going all the way, mirroring the energetic sequencing of TD’s “Ricochet” in the second part of the track.
There’s so much beauty and depth to be found in all five tracks that more words to describe it wouldn’t do it justice.
The album comes to an end with the tranquil textures of shortest track “Aquarius”.

By all means, this is a top-notch album for anybody that enjoys the great music of the retro Berliner School.
Highly recommended !


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