Brendan Pollard – Flux Echoes

Brendan Pollard - Flux Echoes


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Brendan Pollard – Flux Echoes
CD, Private Release, 2007

“Flux Echoes”, the second release of Brendan Pollard, premiered at “E-Live 2007”, which again is prove of a solid recording. Fact is, that all who love TD’s great analogue music from the’70 (as heard on “Rubicon”, “Richocet” and “Encore”) will surely get their hands on a copy of “Flux Echoes”.

The 70+ minute cd contains three extended tracks and a short closing piece, which as such is another revival of sounds from those days. The title track begins smooth and quiet with soft lingering vintage textures which slowly develops into a sequenced part with grand mellotron sounds and bass line.

“Radiant Transmission” is the longest track of exactly 30 minutes, of which the overall impact continues as head on TD’s “Encore”. Here, Pollards powerful sequencing, fx’s and wide range of vintage sounds are complemented by the nice jangling e-guitar played by Shelley Walker.

“Phosphor Skyline” (on which Brendan is joined by Adrian Dolente, Shelley Walker and Mat Roberts) starts out with rather searching sounds and soundscapes before a lofty lingering solo mellotron voice takes over, later followed by great retro sequencing. This track comes close to the previous work of RMI, before ending with Steinway piano.

“Torque” is the short closing track on which Mr Pollard is again joined by Mrs Walker on e-guitar. The rather chaotic, sounding ghostly textures make this track as a kind of filler of the cd.

Nevertheless, “Flux Echoes” is a great statement of analogue musicianship which vintage fans will embrace.


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