Brendan Pollard – Live in Concert 2006 part 1 & 2 and more

Brendan Pollard - Live in Concert 2006 part 1 & 2 and more

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Brendan Pollard – Live in Concert 2006 part 1 & 2 and more
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Acoustic Wave, 2012

Since his most convincing live performing at “E-Live 2006”, Brendan had been asked multiple times when the recording of it was being released. Being put on the back burner for a long time, he finally revisited the recordings late 2011 and thought it was worthy of release.
To make the release even more special, he put some extra tracks to “Volume 2” that fitted in nicely.

Well, every fan of vintage electronic music ought to know what Mr Pollard is capable of, solo and as part Rogue Element, and the live performance captured on these two discs show that’s a lot. The great interaction between mellotron, vintage sequencers and textures is attractive and very tasty, making its own journey back in time.

One might say Pollard’s lenghty compositions are a bit less dynamic and in-your-face compared to e.g. Redshift, as it ventures into atmospheric/melodic territory on many occasions while creating a psychedelic-oriented sonic canvas of its own. The sequencers fire their engines in a different and more versatile manner, kicking in more massively on the second part of the 26-minute “Aquatic Caplet” while being all over the place and more upfront on the kickin’ piece “Fluxy, Flangey, Phasey Bollox”. This all puts an ending to the 51-minute “Part 1”.

The “Part 2” disc kicks in with the 33-minute dynamic “Radiant Transmission”, on which guitarist Steve Palmer joins the show. Sequencerwise, the outcome oncemore hits TD’s “Ricochet-button”, but here I find Steve’s contributions a bit distracting compared to Brendan’s enthusiatic playing.

“Ode to…” (a lost piece from the “Flux Echoes” sessions) and the 15-minute “Detox” (the last ever completed piece before Pollard’s studio was sold up) are the unreleased bonusses, recorded in the studio in May 2006 and September 2010 respectively.
The first one is more lyrical and freeform, featuring sounds effects also heard during the concert, while the second piece gets a nice sequenced and psychedelic-oriented follow-up after an atmospheric intro.

If you’re into Brendan’s music, both releases are a must-have.


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