Brendan Pollard & More – Collection Volume Two

Brendan Pollard & More - Collection Volume Two

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Brendan Pollard & More – Collection Volume Two
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Acoustic Wave Records, 2013

This is the second instalment on which Mr Pollard has assembled loose tracks which appeared in previous years on various samplers (such as the Awakenings samplers) along a few short intros for radio shows and the tasty track “A Different Sky” delivered for the Michael Garrison tribute cd.

In addition, the disc contains one unreleased track (the 8-minute “Improvisation for mellotron and guitar”), which is a bit bland and too light to make a positive impression. And there’s the original longer version of the moody “Mellowtronthoughts” which appeared on “Analogy Volume 2”.

The strong pieces on this release are the 20-minute “E-Live Rehearsal” and “The Redwood Trail” found at the tail.
All in all, it’s nice to have all these vintage tracks together in a more convenient way.

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