Brendan Pollard – Phrases and Protocols

Brendan Pollard - Phrases and Protocols


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Brendan Pollard – Phrases and Protocols
CD/Digital Download, Acoustic Wave Records, 2021

The 63-minute “Phrases and Protocols” –still recorded through a primordial recording process- is (another) celebration of old-school electronics hailing back to Tangerine Dream’s music in the early and mid-’70s. The warm sounds and sequencers of various modular synths are all over the place as are the Mellotron M400 and various tape frames. Here, the massive, engaging sound of vintage analogues is always present as tender moods and gentle melodies mingle with the slight Teutonic, enigmatic, ghostly and psychedelic. Not much powerful sequencing is showing up this time (with the exception of the tantalizing 22-minute “Viaduct” where we fly back to the “Ricochet”-period) around in favour of attentive build intimate soundscaping and soft glistening textural atmospheres making up the first two tracks.

All in all, it makes a very nice addition to Mr. Pollard’s already impressive catalogue of releases.


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