Brendan Pollard – Prologue

Brendan Pollard - Prologue

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Brendan Pollard – Prologue
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Acoustic Wave Records, 2020

The 65-minute “Prologue” -featuring music created in 2019 and 2020- sees the light of day some 13 years after Brendan’s last solo album. And another time around Mr Pollard does what he’s best at: through three lengthy tracks we journey through the old school of cosmic electronics, most notably the psychedelic-ish realm of early and mid ‘70’s Tangerine Dream along a great dose of mellotron and vintage sequencing. Drama and mellowness change places various times as each of the lengthy tracks evolves.

The nearly 30-minute excursion “Partitions” is most notable here for the great combos of powerful sequencers with lush mellotron pads and sound effects (and a nice nod towards TD’s “Ricochet” in the track’s second half), while the mellower “Fraktures” fuses hints of “Encore” and “Ricochet” most tastefully.

Suffice to say you should dig “Prologue” when you fancy quality retro-electronic spheres that rock the house.


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