Brendan Pollard – The Zone of Malleable Fears

Brendan Pollard - The Zone of Malleable Fears

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Brendan Pollard – The Zone of Malleable Fears

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Acoustic Wave Records, 2023

For this record, UK synthesist Brendan Pollard decided to do things differently: creating music based upon a storyboard of ideas he created many years ago and musically interpreting those visions. The many vintage sounds Mr. Brendan is known for are still there, but the lengthy tracks we’ve accustomed to having been replaced by shorter tracks with a few exceptions.

Well, the musical endeavor has lots to please the ears, featuring lovely mellotron, modulated sound effects, assorted retro pads, and sequencer patterns that take the listener back to mid ‘70’s electronics, most notably those of TD’s “Sorcerer-/Wages of Fear”, “Phaedra” and “Ricochet”. This is also an expressive, narrative recording demanding a bit more from the listener due to its adventurous sonic approach with the presence of some ominous, darker-shaded flavors and slight stark-ish/psychedelic soundscapes along sweeping, sequencer-driven music featured on the few longer pieces.


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