Brian Eno – Lux

Brian Eno - Lux

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Brian Eno – Lux
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Warp Records, 2012

“Lux” is a pastoral work by Brian Eno, marking a return to his earlier focus on ambient sound collage, while also being his first solo album since 2005’s “Another Day On Earth”.

The release features four generative, long-form tracks of cohesive, contemplative ambient, or intellectual/emotional sound collage, as Brian likes to call it. The 75-minute composition, designed to work as one cohesive whole, is split into 12 sections that all were adapted from an exhibit of Eno’s visual art currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin.

What the listener encounters here is warm and brilliantly colorful, evoking a beautiful sense of elemental drift and timelessness. The smooth interplay play of sustained piano, (finger-picked, plugged and textural) string sections and synthesizer pads is mesmerizing, transforming and dividing the listener’s attention in subtle ways. I’m especially fond of the flowing current and profound tranquility embedded in the third and fourth movement.

Overall, “Lux” makes a quiet landscape painting with soft pulsating, most subtle notes and moments of silence, creating alternate realities and spheres of ease as its goes by.


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