Brian Eno – Reflection

Brian Eno - Reflection

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Brian Eno – Reflection
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Warp Records, 2017

It’s time to submerge in some tranquil soundscapes again. Fans that enjoyed Mr Eno’s long form ambient bliss such as “Thursday Afternoon” and “Neroli” will encounter a similar aural excursion on the 54-minute “Reflection”, Brian’s 19th studio album to date.

The thoughtful, patiently crafted one track composition sounds overtly sober, contemplative, dreamlike and minimal. Still, the generative outcome (where the bits and pieces make themselves) of smooth resonating drones and gentle xylophone tones evolving slowly also features some darker undercurrents.

As such, the non-distracting “Reflection” continues in the tradition of generative ambient releases Eno started with in the mid ’70’s, featuring subtle alterations and changes proving meditative and traveling inward all the way.


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