Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon

Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon


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Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon
CD, EG Records, 1985

The long form music on Brian’s Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon” (composed as the soundtrack to an art installation video of the same name) is by many regarded as one of the pinnacles of ambient wallpaper music.
It’s also proof of Eno’s theory: slowing things down makes things sound so much nicer.

Well, things here are indeed kept simple and basic all the way through. The 61-minute album is actually one continuous gently floating soundscape with very subtle shifts. To achieve this, Mr Eno layed down a spacious tapestry of lush electronic textures, soft bell-tones and a few processed piano keys.

Next to the fact “Thursday Afternoon” is music in the very slow lane, the outcome is haunting and beautiful, then hypnotic and ethereal. In the end, this recording is all about deep atmosphere…


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