Brian Parnham – Between Here and There

Brian Parnham - Between Here and There


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Brian Parnham – Between Here and There
CD, Floating Point Records, 2005

This is the second release of the American ambient musician Brian Parnham, whose name popped up a few years ago on the Broadvista ambient-sampler “Passing Strange”.

The first 8 tracks are taken from an un-released dvd–soundtrack, the other 2 tracks are earlier composed, unreleased tracks.
Well, Parnham’s ambient is highly visual desert music, timeless and encompassing in nature, ranging from vast, sometimes rather unsettling textures to driving grooves.
At times free floating, but also properly spiced with some didjeridoo, rhythms and enhancing treatments.
No other than Steve Roach, who has been of help and guidance to lots of kindred musicians in the genre, has added some harmonica and spirit air to one track, but also did the pre-mastering and mix of the album.

I’m sure any ambient music fan would like to add this nicely rendered release to his or her collection. Great stuff !


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