Brian Parnham – The Broken Silence

Brian Parnham - The Broken Silence

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Brian Parnham – The Broken Silence
CD, Floating Point Records, 2000/2010

This edition of “The Broken Silence” is an expanded version of the originally cd-r album, which was released in 2000. That one was put out as privately released cd-r of only 100 copies, being out-of-print almost as soon as it saw the light of day.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its initial release, Mr Parnham decided this to be a proper moment for an official factory-pressed release of the music. To achieve the latter, Brian had to do quite some work to restore the music (two track mixes) to meet nowadays quality standards while maintaining the core and the feel of the original.
As Brian further explains, most of the additions are found in the segue ways between tracks, while he also created the new track “Forged From Silence” from original album sources.

Well, Brian’s debut of expansive tribal ambient landscapes fits in the Steve Roach/desert-space style, although being a rather rough sketch of its own kind.

The music shows he’s busy trying to find his own voice and sculpting his sound as he journeys through a slowly evolving sonic territory with a distinct touch of minimalism. The music consists of soft flowing synth pads and loops, accompanied by organic sources such as rattles, didgeridoo, rainsticks, ceramic percussion, gongs, and assorted sampled environmental sounds.

“Forthcoming” starts out a bit restless with its clouded, busy sequencer pattern. It’s a portal for a quiet journey into vast and remote ambient spaces, the 28-minute soft swirling “Solace in Solitude”, the 16-minute “Silent Millenium” and the moody atmospherics of the almost 15-minute bonus track.

In a way, the beauty and splendor found on his following albums is there, but buried a bit underneath. It’s nice though to listen to “The Broken Silence”, which reveals the early sources that would lead Mr Parnham to his successive ambient works.


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