Brian Vassallo – Beyond 2

Brian Vassallo - Beyond 2

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Brian Vassallo – Beyond 2 (The Moment of Discovery)

This Ep is the sequel of Brian’s 1998 album “Beyond” sticking to the same playing time – 31-minutes- as the first one. The idea behind the album was to create a kind of sonic sci-fi novel or movie where the listener once again can listen and imagine his or her personal mental pictures as the cosmic journey into the beyond unfolds. This time, upon arriving at 25.5 Light years away from Earth the crew starts its mission to detect signs of life and possible contact on a new planet.

The seven very well produced and mastered compositions (shifting between rhythmic-sequenced and textural atmospheric) are rich, pleasantly lush, majestic and elevating, shifting sonically between realms of Jarre and Vangelis along Vassalo’s own sonic print. The best tracks on “Beyond 2” turn out to be opener “25.5 Light Years” as well as the bit longer compositions “Flora” and “Revelation”.

It’s recommended to listen attentively from start to finish and in one go to grab the full impact of this nicely crafted cosmic narrative.


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